Now you really know who dunnit!

The voice featured in the spot blow belongs to the one and only, Jim Lawless. The ad itself in so many ways helped put Terry O'Reilly and his creative point of difference- radio from a writer's perspective -on the map back in the day.  The MindTrap spot is like a hundred years old (okay, 1994) , but that doesn't mean we love it any less. The writing is superlative, the production tight as a tick, and Jim's take on the words is pure gold. Literally. This spot didn't just sell a boat load of MindTrap games, it won more awards internationally, than we care to admit. People remember and still talk about this spot today,  but what people don't remember or tend to forget, is that pirate also produced an audio version of the popular game for the car ride home. You remember cassette tapes, right? Eight track? Okay, we're officially setting off  age alarm bells.