Nobody listens Rd. Two

On April 18th of last year, we did a post about a radio campaign we were in the process of completing to promote radio as a medium. The good news is this: 

1. The client actually ran the work. (Thank you, Fred Mathewson and Chris Ingram.)

2. They didn't change a word.

3 They didn't change a performance.

4. Everybody had a good time recording it. 

5. The first ad doubled inbound sales calls, so they did a second spot. This is it:

 Kudos and a special thanks to all involved:

Anncr:      Carolyn Scott

Anncr 2:   Al Catlin

Mel:         Angela Mairano

Jimmy:     Dave Sparrow

Phil:         Tom Goudie

Director:   Jeff Pustil

Casting:    Jessi P and Aaron S

Writer:     Goudie

Engineer:  Keith Ohman