Nobody listens to the radio anymore.

Admittedly, we're a tad slow on the blog post updates. I guess that's because we're either lazy, or we would prefer to wait until we have something we think you'll find useful or interesting to post before we post!

Today's entry features a  spot from an ongoing campaign written and recorded, here at pirate, to promote radio advertising.  

The spot features five, count 'em, five talent!! Unheard of in these days of limited budgets and mindless monologues, but there you have it.  A spot like this can really stick out. Apparently, it can also double your sales calls. Not too shabby! 

Happy wife, happy life. Happy client, more spots. 

So far, we've written/produced three spots in this growing campaign with the promise of more to come. We'll post more spots as we go. (It just might take a while.)

Now the most important part of today's post! Saying 'thank you' and giving credit where talent is due to our fabulous talent on the spot itself. Drumroll please:

Carolyn Scott-Announce

Carmen Melville-Stephen

Mariea Vacratsis-Carol

Phil Williams-Gary


Director-Jeff Pustil

Talent-Jessi Petta and Aaron Streight

Engineer- Jared Kuemper