Our radio campaign promoting radio promotes a new approach to casting, too.


Pirate is writing and producing a radio campaign promoting radio. 

We figured a radio campaign designed to boost radio ad sales is something our beloved acting community could really benefit from. So when Fred Mathewson called from 680News, we jumped at the opportunity to help.

The idea for the campaign goes something like this:

"If nobody listens to the radio anymore, then I guess we can say whatever we want on the radio and nobody will be the wiser."

The first piece of creative out of the pipe is a :60 second spot requiring four talent. When was the last time you heard those words used in the same sentence?

Here's another: C-a-s-t-i-n-g.

The budget for this job is très tight, but rather than throw in the towel and pull demos like everybody else these days, we reduced our associated costs by limiting the casting to just four groups of four. No cattle call here, just sixteen of the best actors we knew for the parts.

A shorter list of candidates meant we could give the actors something you don't see in conventional castings anymore. Namely, more than two minutes to wrap their heads around the part. In fact, each group was given 30 minutes to make the script their own. And all four parts were on the floor auditioning at the same time to further save time, clock performance, judge pace and flow, encourage ad-libs, banter and laughs.  

Associate Director Jeff Pustil led the charge with Jess and Aaron providing technical and logistical back-up. Goudie just did what he does best—sat back, laughed and enjoyed. 

Said Goudie:

"Isn't it amazing what can happen when you actually let actors act?"

Picking four from this power pack of talent was downright evil! Who got the part? You'll just have to listen to the radio to find out. (We're pretty sure you'll know the ad when you hear it.) With any luck, it works and we'll get to do more. 

Special thanks to our gifted participants: Sergio Dizio, Rick Waugh, Nicola St. John, Al Catlin, James Gangl, Phil Williams, Mariea Vacratsis, Linda Ballantyne, Calwyn Shurgold, Bruce Hunter, Marsha Mason, Carman Melville, Mike Kiss, David Sparrow, Angela Mairano and Carolyn Scott.