You probably have a few questions about the casting process. Here is a list of the ones we're asked most often. If you don't find the answer you're looking for, email us at, or call 416-594-4344. 


1. Why should I cast in the first place?

Casting is the only real way to get a sense of how an actor instinctively performs and interprets your script. This is important because acting instincts can be the difference between a good performance and a great performance. Casting is also a great way to test drive your creative prior to the record date. How does the script sound versus how it reads? Is it funny? Is it confusing? Is the script too long? Not long enough? What can be tightened up or improved?  Should I switch or reconsider roles? A great way to ensure you get the most out of your casting is to ask that the talent perform at least two takes. We intentionally leave the talent alone on the first pass to see what they bring to the table instinctively, but after that, we weigh in with our opinions, feedback and stopwatch. 


2. How quickly can you turn a casting around?

Depending upon availability of the talent and frankly, how busy we are, we can usually turn a casting around in as little as three days. We spend two days putting out the call, checking talent avails and securing audition times. Day Two is spent in the studio directing the actual auditions themselves, followed by editing, compiling and posting the reads and call sheet for note taking. That said, like most things in life, the more time you can give us up front, the better. 


3. How much does a casting cost? 

Costs depend on a number of pretty straightforward considerations:

1. How many roles would you like to cast?

2. How many people you would like to cast for each role?  

3. How much time you will need to book to fulfill 1 and 2?  

All castings are professionally packaged, backed up, and delivered in MP3 format. Call sheets are included with room for notes. 


4. Will you do my casting even if I choose to record someplace else?

Absolutely. We're biased when it comes to Pirate's abilities, but you're free to do with your casting as you see fit.