20 years, 750,000 auditions, 250,000 roles. 

We did the math. That's a lot of experience. Experience we bring to the table with every voice search and casting job we do. 

We will find that perfect voice. We will help you break through. And get noticed.




We don't farm out our castings. We prefer to do them ourselves—one-on-one, in our own studio, and at the proper pace. We like being there to capture greatness and witness the magic firsthand (and maybe even help make it happen.) 



Anyone can send you an actor's demo reel. Not everyone can give you the inside story on what you're hearing, and more importantly, what you could be hearing under the watchful eye (and trained ear) of one of our seasoned professional directors. 


Casting Abroad

You can't always discover gold in your own backyard. Different roles require different qualities, and you often need  to cast a wider net. Thankfully, our global network of casting professionals, built over 20 years, has both our backs.